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Product Updates & Info

New Interactive eBook Tools

New interactive tools and features have been added to the "Read" version of every Raz-Kids eBook. These additions are designed to help students read closely and focus on key text understandings. Learn More!

Constructed Response Questions

We recently added constructed response questions on level H­-Z2 quizzes to promote better close reading and critical thinking skills, and to strengthen the reading-writing connection on our texts.

Spanish Books and Quizzes

Leveled Spanish books are now available on Raz-Kids, many with audio support and quizzes. All students have access by default, but access can be disabled on each student’s individual profile page.

Mobile Apps

The Raz-Kids Mobile app now offers complete student access to the Book Room, including the collection of Spanish books. Download 1.9.3 for the latest version of the iPad app, and download 1.9.1 for the latest version on your Android devices.