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Product Updates & Info

New Interactive eBook Tools

New interactive tools and features have been added to the "Read" version of every Raz-Kids eBook. These additions are designed to help students read closely and focus on key text understandings. Students now have access to:

  • interactive tools that allow them to practice self-directed annotation strategies and improve reading comprehension

  • an eJournal that allows them to expand their understanding of new words and improve their vocabulary

Spanish Books and Quizzes

Leveled Spanish books are now available on Raz-Kids, many with audio support and quizzes. All students have access by default, but access can be disabled on each student’s individual profile page.

Mobile Apps

The Raz-Kids Mobile app now offers complete student access to the Book Room, including the collection of Spanish books. Download 1.9.3 for the latest version of the iPad app, and download 1.9.1 for the latest version on your Android devices.

Content for Solution Subscribers

A membership to Raz-Kids and Reading A-Z provides you with access to the Learning A–Z Reading Solution—the complete literacy resource. Hundreds of additional leveled ebooks and non-leveled resources are available for you and your students with a combined membership. Look for the new alphabet and high-frequency words assessments, available with this membership.