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Student Incentives & Awards

Students earn stars for practice, completion, or success with different activities. Stars are used to purchase fun items to personalize the Raz Rocket and to create a customized robot using the Robot Builder.

Star System

Students earn stars across all of Learning A-Z's student-focused resources. See how stars add up for practice, completion, or success.

Activities Stars Earned
Reading Solution and Raz-Kids
Practice Recording 10
Listen Book 10
Read Book 50
Quiz Passed 100
Perfect Quiz 150
Assessment Complete Running Record or others 300
Assignment Complete Self-Paced Level or Custom 500

Read Book 50
Fluency Building 50
Episode Complete 100
Assessment Complete 300
Assignment Complete 500

ReadyTest A-Z
Practice Test Complete 100
Practice Test Pass 300
Practice Test Perfect 350
Assignment Complete 500

  • Student Ranking*

    As students earn stars, they move up in rank. Ranks appear for each individual student when he or she logs in.
    Ranking Chart
    Rank Stars
    Ensign 0 - 499
    Lieutenant JG 500 - 1,499
    Lieutenant 1,500 - 2,999
    Lt. Commander 3,000 - 4,999
    Commander 5,000 - 9,999
    Captain 10,000 - 14,999
    Admiral 15,000 - 29,999
    Fleet Admiral 30,000 +
    * If you subscribe only to ReadyTest A-Z, students can earn up to a Captain's rank in one year.

Raz Rocket

Students create a room inside their Raz Rocket with aliens, furniture, equipment, plants, robots, and other items they might want in their space-themed environment.

  • Teachers enable the Raz Rocket from the Roster for the whole class; or individual student pages.
  • Students use earned stars to buy items from the catalog to personalize their Raz Rocket.

Robot Builder

Students can create a custom robot avatar that helps to personalize their online experience.

  • Just like the Raz Rocket, teachers enable the Robot Builder from the Roster or individual student pages.
  • Students use earned stars to buy robot parts and accessories to personalize their robot avatar.
Teacher Tips
You can turn on/off student access to the Raz Rocket or Robot Builder by customizing the student Incentives settings in your Roster or on individual student pages.

Raz-Kids Printable Awards

The Raz-Kids WOWzers collection provides teachers with a variety of downloadable cards and certificates that can be used anytime to encourage and reward successful readers. The WOWzers are a great way to recognize students when they advance from one guided reading level to the next.

Reading Star Color Black & White
Bookworm Color Black & White
Teachergram Color Black & White
Amazing! Color Black & White
Way to Go! Color Black & White
Moving Up Color Black & White
Round of Applause Color Black & White
Award of Achievement Color Black & White
Download All Download All
Printable Awards for Teachers

Headsprout Certificates

Printable certificates can encourage students and help them celebrate their success.

Completion Certificate
Progress Certificate