Raz-Kids — Engaging Reading Practice For Kids

Leveled eBooks and eQuizzes that help kids learn to read

Raz-Kids is a dynamic website where kids go for engaging reading practice. With Raz-Kids, students can listen to, read, and even record themselves reading literary and informational eBooks anywhere they have Internet access. Make reading fun for your kids — explore Raz-Kids today!

With Raz-Kids, you can:

  • Give your kids independence and ownership — students can access the site at home or at school, choose books from the virtual bookroom, decide on their reading pace, and even record themselves reading
  • Motivate kids to successfully complete online comprehension quizzes, which help them progress from level to level and gives them an added incentive to succeed
  • Monitor students' activity and progress online, build reading rosters, do online running records, and adjust assignments to maximize effectiveness
  • Watch your kids savor the time they spend reading and exploring Raz-Kids.com

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About Learning A-Z

Who We Are

Learning A-Z is a preK-6 educational resource company specializing in online delivery of leveled readers and supplementary curriculum. Learning A-Z's resources are currently used in more than half of the districts in the US/Canada and 165+ countries worldwide.

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Why Teachers Choose Us

Raz-Kids has received numerous accolades, including 2014 REVERE, 2014 Teachers' Choice, 2013 EDDIE, and 2013 CODiE Awards.