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If you also have a subscription to Reading A-Z, your students will have access to the enhanced Book Room and the 1,500 + books and quizzes in the Reading A-Z books collection.

Reading A-Z.com provides teachers with lesson plans, worksheets, phonics support, and much more.

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Raz-Kids provides listen and read eBooks not only in assignments but also in a Book Room where students can choose books based on interest. Motivating topics in different genres and content areas support students in reading at a range of levels, not just at their instructional or independent level.

The Book Room includes

  • eBook versions of all leveled books with follow-along, highlighted audio
  • eBook versions of other books, including poetry and nursery rhyme books, with follow-along, highlighted audio
  • a recording feature enabling students to record and listen to their reading
  • comprehension quizzes for all leveled books from levels A-Z
  • online quizzes for select trade books

Note You can customize what appears in the Book Room for your class or individual students.

Expand Your Students' Book Room Options

When you combine Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids, also known as the Learning A-Z Reading Solution, you unlock all the resources and benefits of each site in addition to an enhanced version of the Book Room on Raz-Kids.

Members who own the Reading Solution get hundreds of additional eBooks and open-book eQuizzes, so you can seamlessly connect your instructional tools on Reading A-Z to student activity on Raz-Kids.

Then, when you see from a Raz-Kids assessment that a student needs more help with a particular skill, you can easily find individualized, "just-right" Reading A-Z resources for the student. This makes Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids, when combined, the perfect K-5 Reading Solution.

eBooks and eQuizzes in Mobile apps! Students can even access the hundreds of eBooks and eQuizzes through a tablet. Find out more about our FREE Mobile Apps for teachers who own Raz-Kids.