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Find out how excited teachers are about Raz-Kids and how it helps their students. For an in-depth look at the importance of differentiated reading instruction, read our Raz-Kids White Paper.

Raz-Kids has been a resource in my classroom that I can truly call a blessing! I have been using it for over 5 years and it is the one "school supply" that goes right to the top of my list every fall! Mrs. Wagers
1st grade teacher
I have some students that didn't like to read and struggled reading. ...[H]earing the story first diminished some anxiety that my struggling readers had. With my higher reading students they tend to read but not really read for meaning. Raz-Kids asks them questions at the end and stops them. This allows them to think about what they are reading and reinforces comprehension. Katrina Willette
3rd Grade Teacher
Charlotte Mecklenburg School, North Carolina
In a world of data, assessment, and data-driven instruction, anything that can give me information on my students' progress is a huge perk in my eyes. ... One of the neat features Raz-Kids has is the ability to look at many different reports about your students on the site. ... Any program that can lay out that kind of information for me quickly and effortlessly is one I adore. Mrs. Wagers
1st Grade Teacher
Our K and 1 teachers have been using RAZ Kids for several years now... The students love reeading online and taking tests. The program is so motivational for children. Leslie Mulkey
Literacy Facilitator K-5
Fouke Elementary School, New York
I just wanted to express my thanks for a job well done. My class of kindergarten students LOVE going on Often, they go there for their free time play. They are highly motivated to read and I find it a wonderful way to get leveled books into the hands of my early readers. Bless you all, for what you are providing for education! Birdy Hartman
San Diego, CA
Raz-Kids was purchased for us in January after months of pleading and begging. The children LOVE it! ... The parents love it as much as the children. ... I am especially excited that the site is available to them over the summer, so they can continue to read "just right" books. (I plan on sending them messages throughout the summer as well). Keri Stromski
1st Grade Teacher
Aquebogue Elementary School, New York
I wanted to let you know how helpful has been for summer reading. I have 34 students in 3rd thru 5th grade enrolled and the response and usage has been great. Normally I find high school tutors and spend hours coordinating book bags and materials. The students were frequently no-shows and the high school kids were very frustrated. This year, I've been able to monitor from home and only have 2 students not meeting their goals on line. They think they are having fun since the reading is on line and don't view the activity as work. Also, we don't have the scheduling and transportation problems with meeting a high school student's schedule. This is the best money I have spent in a long time! Susan Walker
Reading Intervention Specialist
Sherwood Elementary School